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Sh. Amal Garg, IRS

Chief Vigilance Officer

Shri Amal Garg (IRS IT: 1995) has been appointed as CVO, AIAHL (AI Assets Holding Ltd.) and its subsidiaries from 26/04/2022. He has already been working as CVO, Airports Authority of India. He has worked in various capacities in Income Tax Department at various places.
He has rich experience of working in Investigation wing of the Income Tax Department, which carries out search and seizure operations.  He has also worked for a substantial period in the Systems Directorate of Income Tax Department, where he has worked in various projects including E-filing of Income Tax Returns.  He has received Finance Minister’s appreciation letter for his outstanding work.
Shri Amal Garg has also worked in the Department of Information Technology, where he worked as Director (Finance), National e-Governance Division (NeGD) for one year.
He holds degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical stream (B.E.) from University of Roorkee (Now IIT Roorkee).  Besides, he has also obtained degree of LLB from CCS University, Meerut.  He has successfully completed Advanced Professional Programme in Public Administration (APPPA) from Indian Institute of Public Administration, Delhi.


  1. Focus on quality consciousness.
  2.  Sensitize personnel about common irregularities, malpractices, misconducts and its prevention.
  3. Strive towards achieving Zero Tolerance to Corruption.
  4. Ensure strict compliance of regulations and laid down procedures and practices.
  5. To promote Accountability, Integrity and Transparency in the functioning.
  6. Aim at creating a corruption-free environment where honesty becomes the way of life.

Role & Function

  1. Collecting Intelligence about corrupt practices committed or likely to be committed by employees.
  2. Handling of complaints received from all sources and scrutinize them as per SOP.
  3. Investigation of complaints with substantial information of corruption having Vigilance Angle with the approval of DP.
  4. To investigate complaints received under Whistle Blower Mechanism.
  5. To undertake studies of Systems/Processes and identify the procedures/practices which provide scope for corruption & that require modification.
  6. To organize and conduct Inspection of Major Works.
  7. To organize and conduct Surprise Checks/Station Inspection.
  8. To monitor Disciplinary Cases initiated on Vigilance Report.
  9. Handling of Advice to the Disciplinary Authority/ Appellate Authority in Vigilance Cases.
  10.  Handling preparation of QPRs to Chairman.
  11. Handling Correspondence from MoCA, CVC, CBI, Police, Customs, Immigration cases on Vigilance Issues.
  12. Handling of Review of Vigilance Matter by Board /Chairman/HODs.
  13. Handling of Vigilance Clearances to employees for Promotion/Superannuation/VRS etc.
  14. To organize Training Module on Preventive Vigilance in various Refreshers/Training Programs for Crew/IBOs & others etc.
  15. Handling Correspondence from MoCA, CVC, CBI, Police, Customs, Immigration cases on Vigilance Issues.

Compliant Register


Chief Vigilance Officer -
Reservation Building, 2nd Floor, Safdarjung Airport
New Delhi-110003
Telephone No.
(9:30 AM - 5:30 PM)
Monday – Friday

Complaint Registration -
If you want to lodge a complaint, all you have to do is to write at the following e-mail address.

 Integrity Pact

 Do Not Pay Bribe

Do not pay bribe, if anybody of this office asks for bribe or if you have any information on corruption in this office or if you are a victim of corruption in this office you can complain to the head of this department, or the chief vigilance office/the superintendent of police, central bureau of investigation and the secretary, central vigilance commission.

 PIDPI/Whistle Blower Policy

 CMD Message

CMD Message